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Are Your Saving for Your Retirement?

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Saving for Retirement

Saving for Retirement

While many people prioritize the need to save for retirement, they don’t always have an idea of their “magic number”— the amount of money needed for a successful transition from the working world to the retirement world. In fact, most people don’t.

Only one in 10 Americans understands the level of savings needed to retire and live in a fashion similar to their current standard, and only 14 percent of Americans are confident they’ll have enough to live on when they retire. Read our article for tips and important information on what you need to know, and use our retirement calculator to figure it all out.

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Which Stores Will Be Open On Thanksgiving And Black Friday?

black-friday-signThis year, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 28. It is a day families gather for a festive meal. It has been a tradition for many far-flung family members to return home and enjoy a lavish turkey dinner. But retailers have also chosen this day to advertise strong promotions and many open their doors late that day to pull people away from the table and into stores. I have attempted to list some of the leading retailers and their store openings on Thursday and Black Friday. Continue reading

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The Guilt-Free Way To Talk About Professional Failure

Oh, the shame of it all. We are told to play to win but often ridiculed when we lose. We are told to be open to change but then pulled back because we are changing too much, too fast. We are told to build successful careers but then shamed for the failures we experience along the way.

How many of you have been told to take a chance and try new things while also being bound by old rules? Old rules about risk; old rules about change; old rules about careers; old rules about success and old rules about failure. Years ago, I started my mission to set the record straight about success, and that led me to fight against pervasive and outdated nonsense about failure that causes people to have shame and guilt for career and professional failures. Continue reading

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Can money buy happiness? Two centuries’ worth of books suggest it can

DO A COUNTRY’S inhabitants get happier as it gets richer? Most governments seem to believe so, given their relentless focus on increasing GDP year by year. Reliable, long-term evidence linking wealth and happiness is, however, lacking, and measuring well-being is itself fraught with problems, since it often relies on surveys that ask participants to assess their own levels of happiness subjectively.

Previous research has shown that people’s underlying levels of happiness are reflected in what they say or write, but although increasing national income is important to happiness, it is not as important as ensuring the population is healthy and avoiding conflict. Health, life expectancy and security matter even more.

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Echo Tricks & Treats to Make Your House Extra Creepy This Halloween.


Spooky Things to Ask Your Echo Device to Do on Halloween

It’s that time of year again — the holiday where kids dress up as monsters and Alexa comes out to scare.  Yes, that’s right, Amazon‘s voice assistant can help turn your smart home into the best Halloween house in the neighborhood.

Not only can you conjure up Halloween music and creepy sounds with Alexa, but you can also set up a haunted house-themed light setting.  Here are all the way Amazon Echo can make your home spooky on All Hallow’s Eve. Continue reading

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Millions of Millionaires

Their numbers are growing


Elsewhere their numbers are growing. There are now 46.8m dollar millionaires worldwide, according to this year’s “Global wealth report” by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, an increase of 1.1m from mid-2018. Their ranks include more than 4m Chinese, 3m Japanese and 2m Germans. Yet no country has deeper pockets than America, which claims nearly 19m millionaires (see chart), and accounts for more than half of this year’s increase.

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Personal Loans Work Like This

personal-loans-work-like-thisCredit cards aren’t the only option when it comes to financing purchases or consolidating debt. Personal loans are a popular choice thanks to digital offerings that make it easy to apply and get approved. But before you sign on the dotted line, you have to make sure a personal loan is right for you. To do that, you have to understand the inner workings of this borrowing tool. You don’t want to end up with an expensive loan you didn’t understand or one you’re ill-equipped to pay back. Continue reading

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