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Which Stores Will Be Open On Thanksgiving And Black Friday?

black-friday-signThis year, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 28. It is a day families gather for a festive meal. It has been a tradition for many far-flung family members to return home and enjoy a lavish turkey dinner. But retailers have also chosen this day to advertise strong promotions and many open their doors late that day to pull people away from the table and into stores. I have attempted to list some of the leading retailers and their store openings on Thursday and Black Friday. Continue reading

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The Guilt-Free Way To Talk About Professional Failure

Oh, the shame of it all. We are told to play to win but often ridiculed when we lose. We are told to be open to change but then pulled back because we are changing too much, too fast. We are told to build successful careers but then shamed for the failures we experience along the way.

How many of you have been told to take a chance and try new things while also being bound by old rules? Old rules about risk; old rules about change; old rules about careers; old rules about success and old rules about failure. Years ago, I started my mission to set the record straight about success, and that led me to fight against pervasive and outdated nonsense about failure that causes people to have shame and guilt for career and professional failures. Continue reading

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